Thatcher … Lady of Influence

A lady of influence, power and determination..

A lady of influence, power and determination..

Along with many Britons, I have spent much of the last few days thinking about the incredible influence of Lady Thatcher and the impact she has had on the life of so many of us.

As an entrepreneur who has just sold my first business, having taken my daily deals company from vision through to exit in under 2 years, I spend much of my time thinking how challenging and taxing it can be running, managing and growing a business and as a women I am often consumed with creating truly equal working opportunities and a permanent closure of the gender gap in the workplace.

Yet today I have been thinking how my challenges and hurdles pale into significance when you consider the roles and responsibilities Lady Thatcher had to face and rather than thinking and reflecting, Lady Thatcher simply did, and that is something many of us can learn from.

Personally, I believe we can have it all and I stay true to my beliefs that I, and anyone else that wants it enough, can have a happy and healthy personal life along with a successful and profitable career. I am lucky enough to have worked in various parts of the world, been involved in some incredibly successful businesses and have a happy marriage. I pride myself in being feminine and charming and believe that we are capable of having a warm heart but analyse opportunities effectively in the cold light of day. I believe women can do anything they set their minds to and I think we have Lady Thatcher to thank for that.

Although I have only been living in London for less than 3 years, Lady Thatcher has still had a deep and profound influence on my life. When visiting London in 1989, I clearly remember watching her on the TV during my stay and this brief interlude has had a permanent impact on my perspective of possibility and my understanding of hard work. Later, when Thatcher refused to join the Euro, I admired her for standing for what she believed in and knew to be right despite the controversy and bad feeling it created.

It made me realise that when you are in a leadership role, you need to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth, you need to have strategies in place for when things don’t go as planned and have an understanding of how your decisions will affect others around you but ultimately, you always have to do what you feel is right and what you believe will be the best that those who follow you whether it be like Lady Thatcher, our country or for me, the thousands of people that trusted Lyncmeup as their daily deal provider and the brilliant team I had supporting me and making my dreams our reality.

As I move into my next role at UK Director of the KPI (Key Person of Influence) Programme I question what made her such a force to be reckoned with and how, despite causing public uproar with many of her measures and movements, did she win three consecutive elections. I wonder, is it because we had such significant admiration for her hard work? Were we in awe of her iron like mental strength or did she give us hope that anything could be possible?

For me, Lady Thatcher did well to charm and engage our nation and the honesty she used in her approach was her most powerful tool. It meant that our expectations were managed, that we trusted what she said, and love it or loathe it, we knew where we stood. Apart from her incredible work ethic and her admirable belief in herself and others, many of us can learn from her relationship with us and take it into our business worlds to build rewarding with our teammates and effective and ultimately profitable relationships with our clients and consumers.

In my honest opinion, the fuel of Thatcher has taken me this far on my journey and will continue to provide me with an intolerance for gender issues, not settling for  failure and a certainty that as I continue to work hard and focus on my goals and objectives, the successful exit of lyncmeup will simply be the door opening to my next chapter of success.

In my new role and along with the brilliant team who make the KPI programme what it is, I hope to help others reach their full potential and prove to be a strong but accessible role model to young women in the UK who may have been unfortunate enough to miss the Thatcher years and the incredible influence and impact they had on budding entrepreneurs – I know I have her to thank for a part of my journey.


2 thoughts on “Thatcher … Lady of Influence

  1. Interesting and insightful Darshana. Thanks for sharing your views on the role Maggie played in history; a working class success story. She rose to become a tough leader as one of the blokes. Reflecting on her style opens up questions of how a woman can bring feminine strength, empathy and compassion and intelligence to leadership? I believe there needs to be a new way forward.

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